3D Bioprinted Kidney Transplants Could Become Reality Already This Decade

University of Oulu developmental biology professor Seppo Vainio on the Finnish national broadcasting company YLE’s Aamu TV show explaining the various possibilities how bioprinting could in the near future offer help for the patients waiting for a bioprinted kidney transplant.

Bioprinting of body parts may sound like science fiction, but may not be that far in the future.

For example, the University of Oulu recently acquired and commissioned the Brinter® 3D bioprinting platform.

Bioprinting research is already done around the world, and for example, the printing of a new kidney for a transplant patient could be realized already within this decade, estimates professor of developmental biology, Seppo Vainio from the University of Oulu.

There is a worldwide need for kidney transplants due to the rising incidence of diabetes, for example. Even the COVID-19 disease can lead to acute kidney failure. Hence, there exists a great need for the bioprinted kidney transplants, prof. Vainio explains.

Also, printed transferable tattoos are being investigated at the University of Oulu. These tattoos could be used to indicate changes happening in the human body. Flower petal-like tattoos could change their colour to tell us it is time to call a doctor.

According to prof. Vainio, these kinds of printable tattoo bioinks could in the future also help to diagnose the korona virus.

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