Brinter is attending the UPM Biomedicals 8th Annual Conference in Helsinki

Brinter is attending the UPM Biomedicals 8th Annual Conference: “Future of 3D cell culture: from research to treatments” on October 26-27th 2022, Helsinki and online.

“Come listen to research and industry professionals present their research and thoughts on all aspects of 3D cell culture from development and implementation of disease models to personizes medicine, toxicology, organ-on-a-chip, 3D bioprinting and high throughput screening.”

Find information about the UPM biomedicals here and the conference program here.

26th : 3D in vitro models and their automation for HTS/HCS.

  • We are especially interested to learn about the applications of GrowDex® hydrogels, as we have successfully 3D printed them.

27th : Regenerative medicine and the development of advanced therapies.

  • On Thursday, there are interesting topics abut the advancements in cell culture processes, bioprinting, and multiple interesting applications: mesenchymal stromal cells in GrowDex® and 3D organoids in lung cancer research.