Brinter Team Member Contributes to Scientific Bioink Research

Brinter’s Product manager, a researcher herself, Sanna Turunen, actively contributes to bioink research, keeping up with the future demands of 3D bioprinting. The results underline the importance of the tunability of the precursors and the resulting hydrogels according to the specific processing method.

The collaboration with the Tampere University researchers, from the Kellomäki Lab – Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering Group has produced a recently published article about the photocross-linkable hydrogel precursors for 3D-bioprinting of tissue engineering scaffolds. The paper was published in the ACS Biomacromolecules.

In this study, collagen, gelatin, hyaluronan, and alginate were methacrylated to 30 and 60% degree of modification. The methacrylated compositions (i.e., precursors) were then investigated for their processability, i.e. their suitability for casting, injecting and 3D bioprinting.

Take a look at the original publication at:

Photocross-linkable Methacrylated Polypeptides and Polysaccharides for Casting, Injecting, and 3D Fabrication

Hatai Jongprasitkul, Sanna Turunen, Vijay Singh Parihar, Shambhavee Annurakshita, and Minna Kellomäki

Biomacromolecules Article ASAP

DOI: 10.1021/acs.biomac.0c01322