First Steps on the Path Towards 3D Bioprinting of Brain Tissue

Our customer, the University of Helsinki, is participating in a joint two-year project called Go for Growth with Novel Stem Cell Platform to develop stem cell techniques with Bioprinting of Brain Tissue to prevent brain diseases and to compile them into a competence base for the prediction, prevention and ultra-early diagnostics of brain diseases. These techniques could help predict brain diseases already in childhood or even early adulthood, enabling effective prevention of degenerative brain diseases, such as Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s disease, before the changes in the brain become irreversible and unresponsive to treatment.

According to the project leader, Professor Jari Koistinaho, the production of several brain cell types from skin-derived stem cells is under development, and the first steps towards 3D bioprinting of the brain tissue have been taken. More 3D bioprinting tests will be carried out during the final stage of the project to fabricate human brain tissue out of stem cells.