Meet Brinter at LSI USA ’23 Emerging Medtech Summit at Monarch Beach California, March 20-23.

Meet Brinter and see our LIVE Meniscus implant 3D bioprinting DEMO at LSI 2023, Dana Point California

March 20 – March 23, 2023

Brinter, the cutting-edge 3D bioprinting technology and Cartilaginous Bio-Implant applications company is thrilled to announce its participation in the LSI USA ’23 Emerging Medtech Summit at Monarch Beach, California from March 20 to March 23, 2023.

The event will showcase the latest developments in medical technology, and Brinter is excited to showcase its revolutionary 3D bioprinting technology and Cartilaginous bio-implant applications.

Investors will have the opportunity to see firsthand the impressive capabilities of the Brinter 3D bioprinter and explore the potential of the technology in the medical implant industry.

Brinter’s booth will be open for the entire duration of the summit, and visitors will be able to witness live demonstrations of the technology in action. The Brinter team will also be available to discuss the company’s innovative research and development, partnerships, and investment opportunities.

We are thrilled to be showcasing our technology at the LSI USA ’23 Emerging Medtech Summit.

said Tom Alapaattikoski CEO of Brinter Inc.

This event is a fantastic opportunity to connect with investors and industry leaders and demonstrate the potential of 3D bioprinting technology in the medical field.

Brinter’s 3D bioprinting technology allows the printing of living cells, tissues, and cartilaginous bio-implants for transplantation, revolutionizing the medical industry’s possibilities. With the potential to eliminate future tissue and organ transplant waiting lists, 3D bioprinting is a game-changing technology that investors should not miss out on.

Join Brinter at the LSI USA ’23 Emerging Medtech Summit and witness the future of medicine. We look forward to meeting you at our booth and demonstrating the incredible capabilities of our 3D bioprinting technology.