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Published Book Chapter in Elsevier’s Handbook of Surgical Planning: A Collaborative Effort Towards Using 3D Bioprinting for Future Treatment of Osteoarthritis

Check out our newly published book chapter in Elsevier’s Handbook of Surgical Planning and 3D Printing discussing how 3D bioprinting can be used for future treatment of osteoarthritis! This chapter was written by an amazing team of scientists and engineers during the EU Horizon 2020 program funded RESTORE project, including Sanna Turunen,

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3D bioprinting of blood vessels. DI thesis By Akseli Vainio & Brinter Ltd Publication Date: December 13, 2022 This thesis concentrates around 3D bioprinting of blood vessels using Brinter ONE platform and the triaxial toolhead. Samples were tested using UV curable silicone (for model testing) and telocollagen as a more physiological counterpart with cells. During this

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