Started 2023 Strong, At J.P.Morgan Healthcare, With 2022 Recap

While enjoying my Christmas ham and Finnish meatballs at home in Southern California a few weeks back, I was already running through our big 2023 goals in my head. I knew that 2023 was going to be THE year for Brinter, and I was so excited that I couldn’t wait to get back to work. This was going to be the year that we finally start our own in-house, spearhead regenerative medicine and drug printing applications, after so many years of perfecting our 3D bioprinting technology for our clients’ applications. This year all the hard work around our amazing innovations was to bear fruit for us, and we had amazing applications waiting to get started.


The whole year of 2022 we worked hard to get our commercial 3D bioprinter upgraded with the newest components during the chip shortage crises the pandemic had caused globally. Another major goal was to get our technology manufacturing completely outsourced, so that we could automate everything from orders to shipping. And by the Q4/2022, we were proudly able to get our updated Brinters delivered directly from our manufacturer to our clients without even seeing them. And while directly selling and leasing our recognized 3D bioprinting technology had long been part of our growth stage core business, we recognized that selling our professional devices needed the right partners to help us find customers. We started building our Channel partner distribution network, which started off as a success after signing a distribution agreement with Laboratory Equipment Company in November 2022.


Our priority goal was to find key partners for our future applications. To take us to the next level, in November we were accepted to Wake Forest’s Institute of Regenerative medicine, which is now to be the home for our application development. A major partnership was also signed with Bayer – a major pharmaceutical company from Germany. We will start working together in revolutionizing drug development, discovery, and formulation with our 3D (bio)printing technology.


And finally, at J.P. Morgan Healthcare conference in San Francisco January 11-14, we released our long-awaited spearhead in-house application starting in March 2023 at Wake Forest WFIRM in North Carolina. Our Brinter Inc CEO Tom Alapaattikoski was presenting our applications at the Biotech Showcase during the conference to hundreds of industry professionals, and feedback was extremely positive. We are confident that in 2023, with our applications and leading technology, we are taking Health Care to the next level, without a doubt.


In March 2023, our two heads of application development Eva Mueller and Matthew Brovold are going to fire up our laboratory at Wake Forest WFIRM, and we will start working towards getting our first applications to the phase 1. Meanwhile, we will be expanding our science team over there with biotech and bioengineering professionals. Our business development team, located in California, will also be traveling across the United States to numerous conventions. We we will be doing demo roadshows and presenting our applications to the leading scientists in the field of regenerative medicine, cancer research, and drug development.

I would love to meet anyone interested in discussing with us, so please don’t hesitate to contact us to meet over the Internet or in person.

“Where no science has gone before!”

By Tom Alapaattikoski, CEO, Brinter Inc