UCLA Demo Day for Precision Oncology

UCLA Demo Day lab for Precision Oncology with a Brinter Bioprinter

JULY 20, 2022


It was an exciting day in a University of California Los Angeles’s Regenerative Medicine research lab where we had an opportunity to present Brinter’s precision oncology capabilities to print exact copies of the desired size and shape of a particular biomaterial into 96 well plate wells.

For those unfamiliar with bioprinting, it is a process in which living cells are printed using a 3D printer to create functional tissue structures. The Brinter bioprinter is capable of printing multiple materials in a single print job, allowing it to create complex tissue structures with precision and ease.

The demo was a success in that it showed the Brinter was the first Bioprinter of its kind used by the lab to be able to accurately print into each well so accurately, allowing for accurate precision oncology scans and test results.

Brinter’s Type I collagen result should be greatly applauded because it is the best CV we have reached for this material in our lab.

While developing personalized drugs for sarcoma and other rare cancers.

By Luda L, UCLA scientist.