About Us

Pioneering US-based biotech/MedTech firm set to revolutionize biology-technology collaboration.

Transforming Health

Motivated & Inspired

“Our dedication invested today, improves countless lives tomorrow.”
– CEO, Tom Alapaattikoski

Who we are
Our team is comprised of visionary entrepreneurs and the world’s leading bioscientists and engineers.
What we do
We develop 3D bioprinted BioMods to repair damaged tissue and replace conventional implants and methods.
We stand for
We advocate for health equality and ethical advances to reshape the future of well-being.
Igniting Revolution

Driven by Passion

Our identity and purpose are shaped by uniting diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and expertise.

Shaping the Future
Our BioMods advance century-old conventional implants and therapeutics.
Igniting Revolution
Collaboration of technology and biology allows for ideas to revolutionize healthcare.
Improving healthcare
Driving innovative ideas through partnerships with industry and academia.
Let’s work together! Send us your resume and join the bio revolution.
Brinter Team

core team & advisors

Tom Alapaattikoski
CEO and Co-founder

Finnish-American serial entrepreneur and biotech trailblazer experienced in industry-changing companies and hiring high-performance teams.

Dr. Matthew Brovold
Head of Science and Operations

Translational scientist passionate in paving the path for medical innovation.

Dr. Eva Mueller
Head of Products and Innovation

​​Biomaterial scientist and chemical engineer passionate in translating emerging 3D bioprinting technologies in healthcare.

Tomi Kalpio
Co-founder and Head of Additive Manufacturing

Finnish manufacturing engineer, the mastermind behind the Brinter’s Additive Manufacturing technology innovations.

Lamont Jones, MD, MBA

Otolaryngologist specializing in facial plastic and craniofacial reconstructive surgery at Henry Ford Medical

John Hubbard, MD

Orthopaedic surgeon specializing in sports medicine, mostly knee and shoulder surgery, at Atrium Health

Affiliations & Partners

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