Brinter Navigating the Turku Archipelago

Brinter staff had its recreational day on 1 st of September and jumped onboard the s/y Merisissi III sailing boat. We sailed southwards from Aurajoki, Turku, in the Airisto sea, around the island of Seili and back again to Aurajoki. The sea scout troop Turun Partio-Sissit organized the Brinter charter sail. The 15 meter long s/y Merisissi III was skippered by Aaro Yrjänäinen with 1st mate Kaarlo Järvi and 2nd mate Antti Arjonen. The Brinter staff acted as an eager crew, pulled the ropes, turned the winch, hoisted the sails, and steered the boat.

We ended up sailing a total of 42 nautical miles (=78 km) in rather windy weather. Despite the challenging weather conditions, Brinter crew managed to have a relaxing and unforgettable company outing day in the Turku archipelago!