Insights into Sheena Iyengar’s New Book Release at Innovation Quarter’s Think Bigger event on May 31st

Brinter’s Applications and Innovation Manager, Eva Mueller, and Communications Intern, Gemma Nomdedeu Sancho, attended the book release of Sheena Iyengar’s latest work, “Think Bigger: How to Innovate,” at the Innovation Quarter on May 31. In this book, Sheena Iyengar, an acclaimed author and expert in the science of choice, addresses the question of how to generate our best ideas, which has significant implications for various global problems.

Drawing from recent advancements in neuro and cognitive sciences, Sheena Iyengar provides readers with practical steps to ignite creative thinking and make meaningful choices. “Think Bigger” presents an evidence-backed method for generating groundbreaking ideas, developed and refined by Iyengar and her team over the past decade. This book dismisses the notion that only a select few can come up with big ideas, offering a guide to creative thinking that empowers anyone to be innovative.