Is Bioprinting a New Hot Trend in Additive Manufacturing (AM)?

Martin Lansard, founder and CEO of Aniwaa, wrote in their Newsletter about the growing interest in the handful of bioprinting companies operating in the bioprinting market segment. Aniwaa is an independent online platform facilitating the discovery, comparison and purchase of 3D printers and 3D scanners.

Bioprinting: from dream to reality

The idea of printing organs is no longer just a dream. Instead, bioprinting seems to be in reach of various research teams at universities and companies to create three-dimensional tissue models mimicking the natural architecture of the human body. Applications of bioprinting range from basic scientific research in medicine to drug discovery, regenerative medicine, minimizing animal testing, making cosmetics, testing of toxicity, and more.

So, what’s next?

Martin visions the 3D bioprinting future: “We won’t likely see a flurry of startups entering the field, as was the case with metal Additive Manufacturing (AM) a few years back. And there aren’t that many companies with commercially viable bioprinting technologies on the market. But a few bioprinting companies (Brinter or regenHU, for instance) could become attractive targets for established AM brands looking to diversify their solution portfolio and strengthen their grip on the coveted Healthcare market.”

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