Semi-solid extrusion 3D printing of tailored pharmaceutical ChewTs for veterinary use – A focus on spectrophotometric quantification of gabapentin

extrusion 3D printing of tailored pharmaceutical

Currently, there are a few or none marketed gabapentin veterinary products, leading to treatment with compounded dosage forms or off-label use of human-marketed products. With the said approaches, there are significant risks of preparation errors, rendering these practices suboptimal. A new manufacturing technique to accurately and rapidly prepare veterinary dosage forms close to the point-of-care is needed.

The method was successfully applied to determine the drug content in the prepared semi-solid extrusion 3D-printed dosage forms. This study proved that pet-friendly tailored gabapentin dosage forms could easily be manufactured by semi-solid extrusion 3D printing and UV–Vis spectrophotometrically analyzed with the ascorbic acid derivatization method.

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